Rental Conditions for Oliasi Accommodation


France stands as one of the most sought-after destinations for students, thanks to its prestigious institutions that draw in scholars from around the globe. Each year, a large number of students flock to France in pursuit of higher education. Consequently, the rental market in France finds itself inundated, especially in major cities such as Paris and Lyon. Nevertheless, in an effort to safeguard tenant rights, the French government has instituted various rental agreement policies, and Oliasi student accommodation proudly adheres to these regulations.

Check the terms and conditions for tenants in the Oliasi accommodation.
The rental law is different for furnished and unfurnished apartments. Because Oliasi offers furnished apartments to students, it abides by the former case rental rules.

A furnished apartment is a property that has all necessities, such as kitchen appliances, living room and bedroom belongings, refrigerator, microwave, utensils, chairs, table, television, heater, bed, linen, curtains, etc.

The rental agreement includes everything: the lease duration, obligations and rights, rental price and deposit clause, and fines imposed on the contract breach. Therefore, it is advised to refer to the contract carefully before signing it. The rental contract includes

  • The tenant and landlord's name.
  • Rented apartment address.
  • The address of the rental agency when booked via the agency.
  • Contact start and end date.
  • Renewal possibility of the contract.
  • Responsibilities and obligations of landlord and tenant.
  • Deposit and rent.
  • Information about the insurance.
  • Rent increment clause.
  • The clause about fines.
  • Address of bank to pay the rent.
  • Apartment inventory.
  • Utility information.
  • Information related to check-in and check-out.
  • Notice period information for ending the contract.
  • Inventory Report
Inventory Report
The tenant has to prepare an inventory report before moving into the apartment. If coming from another country and pre-inventory checking is not possible, one has to do it within 24 hours of moving in.

The report is jointly prepared by the landlord and tenant. It includes the state of the room, all existing damages, missing items, and the cleanliness of the apartment. If there is any pre-existing damage, notify the landlord to avoid a fine. The report should be in French, but a foreign national can make it in English and later get it translated into French (only through an official source.)

It is best to get the help of a bailiff or huissier to create this report. The cost of the document may vary between 200-300 euros, and it is shared between the landlord and tenant.

Liability Insurance in France
A tenant must take liability insurance when renting a furnished or unfurnished apartment. It provides protection from threats like fire, water breaks, explosions, etc. If you don't take it, the landlord has the right to take it on your behalf and charge you or even evict you if you deny taking it. In furnished apartments, the landlord is required to buy a specific policy called landlord insurance. Oliasi students' accommodation complies with this policy.

Policy for Paying the Security Deposit
It is a compulsion for tenants to pay the security deposit in Paris. Typically, it is the rent of one month for an unfurnished apartment and two months for a furnished flat.

In the Oliasi accommodation, a tenant has to deposit a flat security amount of 200 euros (One time) The deposit amount cannot be used to pay the last month's rent unless clearly stated in the agreement.

The security deposit amount is refunded after 60 days of moving out from the property. In case of damage to the property, the landlord has the right to deduct the repair cost from the deposit.

Duration of Rental Agreement in France.
The typical duration for a rental agreement in France is one year for a furnished apartment short-term stay and three years for a long-term stay in an unfurnished apartment. For students, it is up to their academic year.

Oliasi Student Accommodation does not have any rental duration agreement or contract policy. Students can stay in the accommodation as long as they want by paying the rent for the service.

Termination Policy
The Minimum Notice Period You Need to Serve.

The termination policy of Oliasi accommodation states that a tenant has to give a minimum of two weeks' notice before leaving the apartment.

However, the contract termination notice in France varies between one month to three months for tenants and six months for landlords.

Eviction Policy in Oliasi Student Accommodation in Paris
The landlord has the right to evict a tenant in conditions like a tenant failing to pay the rent on time, subletting their place without notifying the management, or breaching any laid-down accommodation policy.

In case the tenant fails to pay the rent or sublet the space, he gets an instant eviction notice. In other situations, management issues two warnings before giving the final eviction letter.