A Glimpse of Student Life in Spain


If you are going to Spain for higher studies, it is rejoicing! Spain is such a vivid country that once lived in Spain, it leaves a permanent impact on an individual. Student life in Spain is life-changing and enthralling, all because of the high-quality education system, benevolent culture, and ample opportunity for exploration. Spain encourages functional and research-based education. There is no need to be around the books all the time. It gives enough free time for students to explore and experience Spain as a country, make friends, and take life learnings.

However, to experience Spain's fascinating life, sort out your accommodation needs first. It will help you focus on your study and travel goals from the first day. This blog will provide a comprehensive guide and help you find the best student housing in Spain within your budget.

Many accommodation options are present in Spain for international students. It is available in different price ranges with diverse facilities. Let's delve into the accommodation options available in Spain for students.

Student Hall of Residence – It is the first choice for international students. Most universities and institutes in Spain offer this facility to students on a sharing basis. The benefits of living in this type of accommodation are many

  • It is on campus, which saves travel time, effort and money.
  • Room partners and fellow students help in quicker adjustment to the new environment.
  • It comprises all facilities, the library, sports complex, gym, cafeteria/dining hall, etc.
  • The rent is the cheapest of all options.
  • The average cost of this accommodation is 300-500 euros.
Hotels for Students in Valencia – Private hostels are present in Spain in ample. They are similar to university students' hall residences but with smaller spaces and minimal facilities. E.g., the private hotel lacks a fully-equipped library, sports facility, etc.

The monthly rent of this accommodation ranges between 400-600 euros.

Shared Apartment – International students who come to Spain in a group prefer this accommodation. It is an impeccable option for those students who need privacy or do not want to live in a shared space. However, this accommodation comes at a higher cost. In Spain, these spaces are mostly fully furnished and built with all facilities. The average price of this accommodation ranges between 1000-1200 euros.

Non-EU students generally share this space with one or two partners to reduce their living costs in Spain. With this option, you have the chance to explore student life in Spain with friends.

Studio Apartment – This is the best option for students looking to stay in a private space. These are fully-furnished apartments with no other facilities apart from what is available in equipped accommodation.

Oliasi Student Accommodation – It is a privately owned accommodation for students and expats. It is a fully furnished and affordable space. You can book it directly without the need to pay a deposit.

If you want your student life in Spain the best, get your accommodation things streamlined before moving to the city.