How Much Does Student Housing Cost in France?


Today, the world is more connected than ever. The uninterrupted connectivity has made moving and living in different countries no longer exhilarating for people with the right skills and big dreams. Every country has its doors open for talented individuals, including France. Countless students come to France to pursue higher education, find jobs, seek internships, and more. In the academic year 2022, this number crossed the 400,000 mark, the highest in the last 15 years. Astonishingly, it is expected to continue growing.

Now, when such a large number of individuals go to a foreign land, it inevitably raises a range of complications for them and the authorized bodies responsible for managing the system. One of the biggest challenges that expats and international students face in France is getting comfortable accommodation within budget. It is crucial for the reason that without comfortable accommodation, it is difficult to focus on any other work.

In bigger cities in France, like Paris, finding safe and comfortable accommodation is an intimidating task. Although umpteen options are available, they are still not in the right proportion to the number of international students and expats who reach their every year to stay in the country for a few months to years. It results in many students failing to find accommodation within their budget, and comfort requirements or in close proximity of their campus. All these issues contribute to an increased cost of living. Paris, the capital city of France, is expensive in this regard. The cost of living in Paris for students who fail to find affordable accommodation in the University facility or college campus can reach as high as 2000-2,500 euros a month.

Housing Options Available for International Students

Budget accommodation options available for students in France include:

University Residence Halls Managed by CROUS: These are accommodations managed by France's regional centers for student services, CROUS (Centres régionaux des œuvres universitaires et scolaires). The accommodation is publicly owned and receives subsidies from the government. Because of its low rent (400€ in Paris, 200 in other cities in France), CROUS is the first choice for students and therefore fills up quickly.

Hostels for Students and Youth: These accommodations are run by non-profit organizations, usually of a religious nature. They offer low-cost accommodations to expats. Most hostels in France have lodging facilities for individuals between the ages of 18 and 25. They are primarily for young workers, including those on internships, apprenticeships, practical training, or work-study programs, but students can also apply. Rooms in hostels are generally more affordable than other options.

Apart from these, students have various other accommodation options that provide comfortable stays, such as shared apartments, private rentals, and homestays. However, these options often require extensive documentation and come with higher rents, ranging between 800-1200 euros.

Documents Required to Secure Accommodation in France
After all your efforts, if you cannot secure accommodation in CROUS or a student hostel and have to explore other options, it is another big problem.

The most challenging thing among many to rent a property in France is getting a guarantor. It is obligatory, and finding a guarantor for an international student is not easy, especially for students. The option VISALE (Visa pour le Logement et l’Emploi, in English, visa for housing and employment) is there, but it is still daunting.

Oliasi Student Accommodation: The Best Option
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