Student Accommodation in Spain You Must Know About


Many universities and institutes in Spain offer accommodation facilities to international students on a first come, first serve basis; however, most times, it remains insufficient, and students live in privately owned accommodation options. Here also, umpteen options for student accommodation in Spain are present, albeit not enough.

Finding a budget and comfortable accommodation is not easy for students and expats in big cities in Spain, such as Valencia, Madrid, etc., because of the high incoming of students, expats and tourists in the city.

Different Housing Options Available for Students
Student Hall of Residence – This is a type of accommodation universities and institutes provide to students who want to live on campus. Most universities and institutions have this accommodation facility; however, they are insufficient to accommodate that number of applicants. The cost of this accommodation in Valencia ranges between €300 to 500. Further, this accommodation remains in high demand and gets filled quickly.

The next option available to students who couldn’t manage to reserve a seat in the student hall of residence in Spain is private accommodation. These are privately owned spaces, and they are more expensive than the student hall of residence. The average cost ranges between €600-1200 in Valencia. The cost of a place varies according to the city and area.

The other options for student housing in Spain are shared apartments and family housing. The cost of these also remains on the higher side in comparison to on-campus housing.

Challenges Students Face in Reserving Accommodation
Outside the Campus
The private, shared and homestay options are precise alternatives for students with high affordability, as the rent of these apartments is usually up, and they also require a security deposit and advance. The same can be for one month or two.

Also, if you are taking the help of an agent to find a house, brokerage is involved. All this increases the cost of living in Valencia in totality.

Further, Spanish is the national language of Spain, so most people speak Spanish in Spain, especially the older population. For international students not versed in the language, searching for a living place alone becomes difficult.

Oliasi Student Accommodation: An Alternative to Student Hall of Residence

Oliasi Student Accommodation is a perfect alternative for students unable to find residence on the University campus. It offers fully furnished accommodations at low rent and no security deposit.

Additionally, the accommodation is safe, located in an open area, well-connected to different transport mediums and in the campus vicinity.

The best part about the accommodation is that you can book it directly. There is no middle-man involved.