Mode of Transports in France for Students


Public transport helps students get around the place and check out all its wonders with fun and the feeling of being connected to the city, all without spending a fortune. France is also a destination that attracts many students and expats from different countries because of its world-class education, ease of living, cultural variation, transportation, etc. The country proudly boasts one of the best public transport systems in the world. It makes travelling in France and around for international students cheaper, safer and more convenient.

If you are in France and want to know about its public transport system, you have landed on the right page for the information.

Options for Travelling in France for Students:
Going by Bus – Bus is a convenient way to move around the city and suburban areas for students in France. Buses are the key mode of transportation in most cities of France. It covers routes the city metro doesn’t cross or take over when it is not working.

Buses in France are equipped with facilities, such as Wi-Fi, electric sockets, reclining seats, etc., although the bus fare is relatively low. Buses in France have monthly pass systems that give them rides at discounted prices.

Metro – Metro is the primary mode of travel in France. The cities like Lille, Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, and Rennes have the most widespread. It is the quickest and most efficient of all transport options, allowing everyone to move around comfortably. Metro also has a monthly and yearly pass system for students.

Trains – France has trains for inter-city movement and long-distance travel. It connects suburban areas to cities. Students living in suburbs of France or remote areas use the train to commute to their campuses in bigger cities, such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, etc.

Taxis – It is another option for travelling in the cities of France. The mode of transportation is popular but pretty expensive for travelling in France for students. Taxis are available at every corner of different cities in France.

Apart from these modes of transportation, many other options are available for students and the public, though not commonly used. It includes water mode and air mode.

Once your accommodation and transportation requirements get sorted, you can focus on your study and travel goals.