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Oliasi is a professionally managed living network for students and working professionals. We are spread in Europe (France, Spain and Malta), constantly endeavouring to expand our shores in other countries. Our properties are characterised as plush, affordable and attractive - an impeccable combination that makes it the best for students and expatriates alike. End your quest for the best student accommodation in Europe with Oliasi.

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Amenities Offered

Living away from home means adjustments and juggling. With Oliasi Accommodation, there is nothing to worry about. It is like a home away from home.

Comfortable Accommodation

Our fully furnished accommodation offers all types of comfort.


Oliasi accommodation is all-inclusive.

No Brokerage

Rooms are available by direct booking. No broker or brokerage is involved.

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Check our accommodation online and book directly.

Near Campus

All Oliasi accommodations are in the central part of the city, making most campuses within easy reach.

Transparent Price

Pay what is mentioned on the website. There are no hidden or extra charges.

Clean Rooms

Rooms are clean and well-maintained.


Our rooms are well-ventilated to add comfort.

College Campuses Near Oliasi Accommodation

Our accommodation is centrally located, covering a maximum number of college campuses.


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