We've recently started student residence in the flagship of www.angel-jobs.fr which is a leading job and Educational portal located at 1 parvis Grande arche La defense. The student housing is just 5 station away from La defense Station which is the Largest business District in Europe with lot of multinational, national companies, and International Business school. We understand the needs, concerns and desires of young people often travelling away from their home country for the first time. Our management , who have a sincere desire to show off this grand city and provide a quality experience for student who resides here.


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Shared Room / Private Room

With both private and hallway bathroom options, each shared room is set up and furnished for two people. Each room has two twin beds (beds may be lofted), secured lockers, vanity with sink and plenty of storage for two. Not travelling with a friend? No problem! We’ll find the perfect roommate for you. Prices listed are per person.

2 Occupants
2 Occupants
Study/Work area
Study/Work area
Kitchen equiped
Clothing storage
Clothing storage

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