• Student Life in France

    Students attending a university in France are introduced in their everyday student life to the breathtaking French culture. While studying in France, students can look forward to a marvelously interactive environment that brings students from around the globe together.

    As a study abroad destination, France has gained tremendous popularity among Indian students in France in the last few years. The involvement of top-ranking schools and the post-study work permit are of course two big driving forces. Yet, there are also a number of other reasons. Students can indeed enjoy living their life as a student in France. In the life of the students attending colleges in France, there is never a dull day. Whether you are studying and learning at school, or at home ready to get out and experience the country's wonders, you can always choose from a menu full of wonderful things.

    As International Students, there are many new things to learn and explore while studying in France. Lets us find out more about it.


In France, international students enjoy particular advantages which make life more enjoyable. A robust discount assistance program and special facilities allow students to stretch a reasonably modest budget to meet basic needs and enjoy life in France. Benefits include a network of student discounts on food, housing, rent grants, health insurance, student clubs and associations, and discounts on public transportation, movies, museums, libraries, and sporting activities.

Student accommodation

What kind of accommodation is good for me? How can I find them? Will I get help with my rent payments? Who would be a guarantor? When you start thinking about where to live while you are studying in France a lot of questions come up. And yet, accommodation problems do have many different solutions. But don't worry-every step of the way “Oliasi” Student Accommodation in Paris is with you.

Health, Social Security & Insurance:

The social security program offers foreign students several advantages when they are studying in France. Social Security provides social protection to foreign students when they study in France. They may take out complementary health insurance to increase the number of their healthcare expenses that are reimbursed.

Food & Culture

France is the world's leading tourism destination and enjoys an exceptionally rich and diverse cultural heritage. You might have a front-row seat for it while you are studying in France. Lunch, informal breakfast, or dinner, whether at home or out, French or all-round. You can eat out, cook at home, or have it transmitted, depending on your temper. Even within the Country of Human Expressions of the work area, the charming method to devour remains anyway you need.

New Language & regions

Most establishments offer French language courses as an unknown dialect, either at your school or as an accomplice. We strongly advise you to pursue classes that will help you immerse yourself in French culture and empower you to live more comfortably in the new region. France's various regions exhibit an amazing variety of cultures and heritage, traditions and cuisine, sea or mountain, town, or country. To explore a colorful country use your time studying in France.

Local Transportation

Traveling in France is easy to go anywhere as there are multiple options for the public. In France, students can rely on any transport between rail, road, air, and water, all developed very well.

Student Banking Facility

International students may open an account of a non-resident financial institution (in Euros or other currency) or a resident account (in Euros or some other currency) if they live for more than 3 months. If you're staying in France for more than 3 months, you'll need to open an account in a financial institution.

Safety & Security

France is a safe & secure Country. The public government has applied Security plans which include the plan Vigipirate to ensure all and sundry remains secure, and they'll be in a position even as you're Study in France.