• Oliasi Student’s Residences

Achères 1

It is located 1 rue Deschamps-Guérin 78260 Achères Ville. The house was called Château Farina, Villa Rossignol, Petit Château, Villa Saint-Pierre. Formerly, it was part of the land known as “le Clos du Seigneur”.

Pierre-Joseph Farina, officer of the National Guard of Achères in 1860, descendant of the famous perfumer, inventor of cologne, had the Petit Château built in 1849. City councilor 1867, commander of the firefighters of Achères, he left the village at the fall of the Second Empire. It was acquired in the 1960’s by Claude Parennin, a jeweler who restored it. The house is fully furnished and can accommodate 16 students.

Achères 2

It is located 11 bis rue René Albert 78260 Achères Ville. The house is constructed in 1970. The house was bought in September 2019. You will love this cozy and charming house.
Each room has its own bathroom (shower, wash basin). It is also fully furnished that can accommodate 9 students. Totally renovated in October 2019. The house is located just near by the park. The train station “Gare Achères Ville” is 2 mins away. It will take only 20 minutes (5 stations) to go to La Défense College de Paris.

Houses Features


  • Bathtub or shower
  • Private Bathroom
  • Toilet


  • Wardrobe or closet
  • Hangers
  • Table study
  • Pillows
  • Blanket


  • Dining table
  • Kitchenware
  • Electric Kettle
  • Microwave oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher machine
  • Stovetop


  • Washing machine
  • Iron flat
  • Washing machine dryer
  • Iron table


  • Sofa
  • Chandelier
  • Dining area

Média & Technology

  • Flat screen TV


  • Internet Free WiFi
  • House services cleaning

Safety & Security

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Smoke alarms

Houses Rules

We aim to give you the best possible environment to allow you to enjoy your time here to study. To achieve this, Oliasi Student Residence has some basic House Rules which each student must ensure they comply with.

  • All the materials provided by the Oliasi Residence Team should keep in the house.
  • Students should take care of their belonging Material or Cash by themselves, Housekeeper, Supervisor or Management is not responsible for any of the belongings in the event of Theft loss or damage by whatever the reason.


  • Students must not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of other students.
  • Actions that make the atmosphere intimidating to individual harassing behavior, verbal or physical that intimidate should be avoided.
  • Students shall be sharing the inventory equipment and material of the common areas and respect other students’ rights.


Cleaning services in the house will come once a week to clean the common areas and respective rooms. Keep your individual room clean and tidy. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the room to avoid the rats and cockroaches.

Toilet & Bathrooms

Don’t throw trash to the bowl except toilet paper.

Do not squats on the toilet

Do not leave the toilet without flushing.

Be sure to dry and clean up the floor after using the bathroom to avoid accidents.


No pets allowed in the residence

Locked and keys

Students arrival are issued with one key, this key will get into the front of the house and your room only. It is suggested to lock your room when you are not in there. Keys are to be returned to the manager on your departure. If you are leaving after office hours or during weekend, please lock your key in your room.


Students are required to minimize any noise, please be considerate on the other students that might still sleeping during the day. Any students found causing a disturbance due to noise will be in breach of their agreement and further steps will take place.

Abusive or noisy behavior from any students to another students or neighbor will not be tolerated at any stage during your stay. Always try to keep the noise level at a point where it doesn’t upset other students or their sleep. This will result in immediate eviction from the property.


A washing machine is provided for personal washing. Students must supply their own laundry detergent.


Strictly no parties are allowed on the premises at any time. If you are found having a party you will be breaching your agreement and you may be asked to evacuate immediately. If a party is held and a property is damaged or cleaner Is required to clean up after the gathering. All students in the house will have to pay any cleaning and maintenance expenses that may occur.

Use and abuse of alcohol

Alcohol may be consumed (in moderation) on site by those legally entitled to do so. Breaking of house rules, abusive or illegal behavior arising from the consumption of alcohol will not be tolerated and you will be asked to vacate immediately.

Drugs and unlawful substances

Students shall not keep, use or have in their possession a substance that is forbidden by the laws. Any students that is found with a substance will be reported to the police and you may be asked to vacate immediately.

Smoking and candles

Students are not allowed to smoke inside the properties. Candles, oil burners, and mosquito coils are prohibited in the house at all times. Smoking and drinking alcohol inside is not allowed

Abuse and harassment

All students have the right to stay in an environment free of verbal abuse, physical abuse and any forms of discrimination or harassment (which include sexual abuse).

Posters and wall decorations

Students are not permitted to affix any items to the doors or walls which include sticky tape, pictures hooks, staples, drawing pins or double-sided tape. Observe good care of the house with all its furnishings.

Electricity usage and equipment

Please be ensure that all radiators are turn off in bedrooms before leaving the house. Ensure all lights, television are turn off before leaving the house or before sleeping at night. Do not adjust the heating temperature set by the staff. Make sure that you open the window everyday for at least 10 minutes to circulates some fresh air inside the house.

Linen (Bed linens must be used at all times)

For hygienic purposes. Student must provide linen covers (pillows, doonas, mattress protectors and bedsheets).

Bathroom Rules

  • Clean the bathroom after taking a shower.
  • If you make a mess, please clean it up and dry the floor to avoid accidents.
  • Wipe your piss off the toilet when you finish.
  • If you leave toothpaste in the sink, rinse it out.
  • If you leave water in the counter, wipe it off.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the bathroom.
  • Never flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper.
  • Do not throw anything in the toilet except toilet paper.
  • If you make a mess clean it up.

Kitchen Rules

  • Wash the dishes and kitchen wares after using it and clean it up the mess after cooking.
  • Keep the table clean and wash the dishes right after having a meal.
  • Put the trash in a specific garbage bin. Blue for the non biodegradable and Brown for the Bio-degradable.
  • Any damage or broken must be report directly.

Rubbish and recycling

  • All rubbish must be segregate with the plastic in the kitchen bin. When the bin is full take the rubbish bag outside and put it in the big pin that is provided (black bin for the waste materials).Recycle waste (E.g. plastic bottles, cans, newspapers, carton boxes should be place in yellow bin.)
  • Garbage collection: Garbage should be taken outside the street starting at 7pm the night before the schedule.
  • Black bin - Monday and Thursday
  • Yellow bin – Wednesday
  • Green bin – Friday
  • Do not leave foods or scraps in your bedroom this encourage cockroaches, rats and flies it infest the property.                                                                                                                

House Furniture and Screens
Resident staff must approve any changes to the rooms. If a student damages/breaks an item in the house they will be charged the price of repair or replacement.

Disciplinary Action

  • 1st offense: Verbal warning
  • 2nd offense: Written warning
  • 3rd offense: Termination of the contract, eviction in the house.

How to Use it?

Washing Machine

  1. Remove the metal pieces that will damages the machine.
  2. Take out all substances in the pocket such as pins, coins, paper clips, and pen that may damages and cause some noise problem.
  3. Wash separately the clothes colors and white.
  4. Put the tablet detergent into the main wash compartment no. 2 or directly into the drum before washing.

Detergent Drawer

How to set the program

Then Press the button “Départ’’
In case of mechanical function problems, there is an automatic washing cleaning services that you can find along the road to Mairie Achères.

Washing Machine Dryer

  1. Press the button “marche/arrêt’’
  2. Select the program into cotton if you are washing normal fabric clothes.
  3. Press the “niveau séchage” according to the volume of your clothes.
  4. Then press the button “Départ/Pause’’ when all is set.

Dish washer Machine

  1. Simply remove first of any food remains from pots, pans and table.
  2. Load your dishes properly to ensure that the plates don’t overlap and create blind spots that the jets of water can’t reach.
  3. Choose correct programs and options according to the amount of soiling and type of dishes in the dishwasher. You also can configure your program to have a shorter running time and to dry dishes more intensely.
  4. Don’t use to much powder or liquid detergent


To Do

  1. Keep track of what is yours - Label your items clearly with your name.
  2. Remember to throw away spoiled foods
  3. Clean up any leaks and spills.

Not To Do

  1. Don’t leave food uncovered.
  2. Don’t adjust temperature setting or leave the refrigerator door open longer than you need.
  3. Don’t move or take items that are not yours
  4. Remember, the house refrigerator is for everyone’s use. Be considerate!!!

WIFI Internet

Students should ensure that you do not run up excessive internet traffic levels. Internet use is provided primarily for academic purposes although reasonable personal use is permitted. For example, personal emailing is allowed, but for example downloading movies, playing mobile games should be kept to reasonable limits. This rules aren’t intended to stop you enjoying your internet connection, but to ensure that there is enough bandwidth for everyone.

The Fire Safety Rule

  1. Cooking, in any form, is not permitted in bedrooms
  2. Food cooking must be attended at all times. Oven cooked food must be checked regularly.
  3. All domestics appliances must be switched off, disconnected and left in a safe condition after use.

Heating times may vary during the winter and spring months depending on weather conditions.
Generally during winter; the heating is timed to come on morning and evening. When the heating is on, make it sure that all windows are close.
The heating will be switched off in the summer months.

Discover Achères

Achères is located in the heart of Yvelines, in the Île-de-France region. It is located on the edge of the Val d’Oise, on the bank of the Seine, not far from the town of Saint Germain en Laye. Achères is 25 km from Paris, 21225 inhabitants 80 shops and 178 companies. Its activity area is ideally located 25 minutes from La Défense by RER A and 30 minutes from Paris Saint-Lazare by line L.

Opening hours of the town hall
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. – 1:30 5:45 p.m.

Contact Information
6-8, rue Deschamps-Guérin 78260 Achères
Phone: 0139796400