• How to arrive from the airport?

By Train

  1. ravel time, by commuting, from airport to Achères Ville is 2 hours and a half maximum.
  2. You need to buy a ticket which will cost around 11€.
  3. Ticket is only until Achères Ville station.
  4. You can only use the ticket by taking the TRAIN (RER) and not with the bus.
  5. You take RER B “KODA” to MASSY-PALAISEAU.
  6. You need to get off from the RER STATION Châtelet-Les Halles (45 minutes)
  7. Then from Châtelet-Les Halles you take RER A “UZIN” direction Cergy-le-Haut.
  8. From Châtelet to Achères ville it will take 30 minutes.
  9. Once you reach Achères Ville station, you need to buy another bus ticket which will cost 2€.
  10. You need to take the bus A1, then you can stop in Mairie (4 minutes).

By Taxi or Uber

  1. First you need to take a taxi in the taxi lane where people are queuing.
  2. Never entertain someone when they will approach you to get in their non-official taxi.
  3. Never take the fixed price, you should ask for taxi meter once you get into the cab.
  4. Normally, price range for taxi or Uber from the airport to Achères ville is 70€ to 90€.
  5. Duration of the travel from airport to Achères Ville will take 45 mins to 1 hour.

Note: Students should arrive in the Airport within Monday to Friday from 9a.m. – 2p.m.

You can contact the person in-charge: Richard Gayomali.
Email address: info@oliasi.com