• Cost of living in France

Cost of living in France For Indian Students

The average housing cost in France is 250-700 euros per month, but this figure is significantly influenced by the area you are staying in, with major cities such as Paris at the highest end of the spectrum. Starting to plan ahead is the secret to finding accommodation in France. Hopefully, you'll have a better understanding of the choices available to you after reading this guide and can continue your search for the best accommodation.

It is important to remember that traveling abroad is either a learning curve, with others or alone. If it's difficult for native students, as a foreign student it can be even more daunting. You will come across all kinds of characters and some could be harder to live with than others. Sometimes you'll feel lonely and miss the comforts of your home.

It's all part of the journey which will eventually broaden your horizons and generally make you a more compassionate person. Just remember, the housing situation does not last forever! If you don't really like your living conditions, talk to your university's foreign office for support. If you're fortunate, like many overseas students before you, you could even make life mates!

Cost of Studying in France
Cost of Student accommodation in France
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Cost for Food & Groceries
Cost of Transportation:
Cost of Studying in France

Cost of Studying in France

There are 3500 public and private institutions providing amazing programs and training. The tuition fee costs less in France than in the United States and the United Kingdom and it is one of the advantages of studying in France. International students are also sponsored. In terms of tuition fees, the costs may range from around 1000 euros to 15,000 euros or even more, which depends largely on the university. That will depend on the lifestyle of the student and the location of the university when considering the cost of living. Large cities such as Paris range from 1200 to 1800 euros a month whereas areas in Lyons / Bordeaux or Toulouse can be as low as 600 euros a month.

Studying in a private institution costs more – selective schools and Grandes Écoles will charge between 5000 to 20,000 euros per annum anywhere.

Cost of Student accommodation in France

Cost of Student accommodation in France

  • University Accommodation: Student halls of residence cost you almost on average 200 euros per month. The exception is Paris, at 400 euros per month. Around 13 percent of foreign students live in University residences. It is amongst students' most popular accommodation options, but demand is much higher than supply.
    cost you almost on average 200 euros per month. The exception is Paris, at 400 euros per month. Around 13 percent of foreign students live in University residences. It is amongst students' most popular accommodation options, but demand is much higher than supply.
  • Studio Apartment: The average rent for this type of student accommodation is 500 euros, with big differences between towns. A studio apartment in Paris often costs more than 800 euros compared with 700 euros in Lyon, 550 euros in Marseille, and 400 euros in Clermont.
  • Private Apartment: Private student residences offer more expensive furnished rooms than public residences but they come with premium services. Cleaning of the front desk, linen for the family, breakfast, and premises is necessary. You would have to spend 575 euros on average per month for this type of accommodation but the rent varies greatly depending on the city. Staying at a Student Residence in Paris costs about 700 euros, compared with 600 euros in Lyon, 500 euros in Bordeaux, and about 400 euros in Marseille.
  • Flatshare Apartment: The average rent for this type of student lodging is 400 euros per roommate. There are differences between towns but they are less marked than they are for studios. Shared lodging in Paris costs 600 euros, compared with 500 euros for a Lyon roommate, 450 euros for a Bordeaux roommate, and 400 euros for a Marseille roommate.
  • Home Stay Accommodation: You share a place with the house owner when you are staying in homestay accommodation. Usually, as your private space, you will have a furnished room and the owner will give you access to the kitchen and bathroom, too. They also always offer you access to the living-room. It's an easy and affordable alternative. Rent ranges from 250 euros in most cities to 550 euros in the capital, and you won't have to pay extra fees, such as internet connectivity. A room in a homestay will cost Lyon 500 euros, Bordeaux 450 euros, and Marseille around 400 euros.
Most common phrases & abbreviations

Most common phrases & abbreviations

  • Studio: A single room with a kitchen and bathroom.
  • T2 or F2 / Deux pièces: A bedroom with a living room, as well as a kitchen and bathroom.
  • T3 or F3 / Trois pièces: A three-room apartment
  • SdB: Bathroom with Tub
  • Salle d’eau Bathroom with Shower
  • Appt.: Apartment
  • RdC: Ground floor, Street level
  • Asc.: Elevator
  • TBE: When organizing shared accommodation or your own accommodation, make sure you check the contract carefully and see what is included and NOT included.
  • CC: charges included. "Charges" cover the costs of maintaining the building (exterior, grounds, common areas) and providing common services (e.g., collecting trash).
Cost for Food & Groceries

Cost for Food & Groceries

French cuisine is tasty, elegant and the common misconception is that it is expensive too. This may be because the French really enjoy every meal and make it look like they're really celebrating something while dining. Food is not pricey anywhere in France, though.

One individual may expect to spend on groceries in Paris, or less in the provinces, on average about 250 to300 euros per month. In the least expensive restaurant, the average price for a meal costs between 10 to 15 euros. Menus can be costlier in gourmet restaurants.

The bistros, brasseries, and crepe stand are a more affordable option where you can have a meal anywhere in France. Some bistros serve substantial food, and a crepe can replace lunch, and prices range from 5 to 8 euros.

If you buy from the supermarket you can get the best value; Leclerc is the cheapest supermarket in France, followed by Géant Casino. Including the Courtepaille restaurant chain, Buffalo Grill or cheap restaurants in Paris such as Michi are affordable places to have dinner.

Is it not? But the most common myth is that it costs too much delicious food. This may be because the French really enjoy each festival and influence it to look as if they continuously compliment something while eating. Basic necessities in Paris need on average between 200-250 euros per month. The usual cost for a dinner is about 15-20 euros. Bistros, brasseries, and crepe stands are the most appropriate options in France to have dinner.

Cost of Transportation:

Cost of Transportation

  • A monthly bus, metro, or tram pass is typically between 30-75 euros.
  • Taxis in Paris are also fairly inexpensive, about 1.50 euros per km, and you'd spend 7 – 10 euros on a short journey.
  • The Vélib bicycle rental program allows you to rent a bike; in France, Bordeaux is the most bike-friendly area.
  • You can also use the TGV for about 30 euros per trip to visit other cities in France.

There are various modes of travel, such as buses, trams, fees, bikes, metro, etc. Students can take a bus, subway, and tram pass which costs between 17 to 33 euros. Taxis in Paris can cost 1.25 euros per km which is economical. The Vélib bicycle rental system allows one to rent a bike. One can also use the TGV to travel in various cities, and it costs around 20-25 euros per trip.