Student Residence in Paris

05.12.2020 06:31:36 AM By support

Be the first to benefit from affordable student accommodation in Paris.

Unsurprisingly, Paris is a dream destination for many students- after all, it’s a lively and dynamic place to study and flourish. Irrespective of your interests and experiences you’re trying to acquire during your abroad tour, Paris has a lot more to deliver. Being a city of love and light, Paris has something special for every soul. Driving it to be a top-notch front-runner with regards to a recognized study center abroad. abroad.

But what can differentiate your experience from studying in Paris? Classes, universities, friends, food, culture, traditions, or is it your student housing Paris? Very true; your student accommodation Paris is likely to impact your overall experience. That would be a place where you’ll spend most of the time studying, get through your homework and assignments, get ready for night-outs with amigos. Studying and homestay in Paris will be a perfect blend of entertainment, infotainment, and enchantment. With all those labyrinths turning the alleys upside down. A captivating experience awaits YOU! No doubt, international student housing Paris will go parallel with your academic excellence. Affordability and comfort come handy.

Things to consider before you land up discovering student residence in Paris:

  1. Budget-friendly and Comfortable Residence

Rent for student apartments Paris may vary accordingly depending on the type of locale you pick to reside. Precisely, a two-bedroom apartment may cost you between  €1400/month-3000€/month. In a few cases, it might be higher. In this price range, you can anticipate a furnished apartment including kitchen electronics, beds followed by mattresses, side tables and chairs, a well-equipped living room encompassing TV, cupboards, and wardrobes.


Remember; Paris being an ancient city with ancient buildings, the WIFI connectivity may not be up to the mark. Modernizing student housing in Paris is expensive and daunting, hence, many homeowners avoid the same. You can expect cleanliness and everything that you need in an apartment is availed though. While a modernized apartment may force your pocket to bulge out in Paris.


  1. Interconnectedness

Metro lines in Paris will surely lead you to essential ones. These lines will lead you from point A to point B; while, metro lines 1 and 6 will go through Marais neighbourhoods, the Louvre Museum, the 1st arrondissement, and the ever-green Eiffel Tower, etc. A perfect example of tourism during your first study tour.


Be sure, that your neighbourhood is accessible from all fronts.

  1. Stable and Safe Environment

You can ask your parents or guardians to rest assured as Paris is not a “hell in a cell.”


With a minimal crime rate, Paris is the most secured European capital. While, you can expect petite pickpocketing, everywhere and anywhere in the world. Foreigners are the major victims, as they are new to the vicinity. So, you need to be careful. The closer your belongings are, the better. Be cautious about the surrounding specifically in crowded areas.


Note: Though Paris being a safe place, students need to be careful while selecting their neighbourhood. Why? Avoid rubbing elbows alone. Women need to be alarmed of places like Chatelet, Stalingrad, Jaure, and Les Halles, etc. Females in Northern Paris must maintain a low profile. Avoid putting on jewellery or any other religious stuff.  Rest of the places are safe and sound for you to enjoy your freedom.


  1. Accessibility to Fun

Oh! You’re not an old soul, right? Preferably, student apartments in Paris have a lot to share.  Now that you’ve universal access indoors, but, you also need to make sure that you’re connected to the outer world. A delighted entertainment should knock your door! A neighbourhood loaded with the best restaurants, coffee shops, bistros,  hanging out parks, and dazzling nightlife is a key.


“Rock by the waves,” during your Paris tour!