Student Accommodation in Paris

05.12.2020 10:29:33 AM By support

Being one of the largest and vibrant cities of France terrain, Paris welcomes nearly 500,000 students in this city of love and light. International students planning to pursue higher studies in Parisian colleges or universities start their research 9-10 months before initiating their academic career.

Paris in its own is the centre of potency, positivity, and enchantment. That won’t give you a moment to envy against another metropolis around the world.  A charming city with a pinch of richness displaying world-class operas and 18 national museums, a party-hard nightlife, a herd of international students, and most importantly employment prospects. What else you can expect of a study abroad destination?

The vibrant city of Paris is encircled by all the essential infrastructure and pleasant student accommodation Paris. On a good note; another aspect that makes Paris worth it- is the diversity of discounts accessible with valid student status. Hassle-free transportation from one end to another owing to its wide transport network.

Bagging around 300 higher education institutions, Paris is your one-stop-top destination with diverse courses and programmes. Students might be travelling from across the globe, which leads to student housing Paris feasible and easily accessible in this saturated city.

Average Student Accommodation in Paris?

Four in five students hunt for either studio apartment or one room apartment. An estimate of 28% of students searches for shared student apartments in Paris. While approximately 11% of students consider T2 apartment (including a separate room) or renting a homestay Paris student.

What Type of Accommodation Should I Prefer?

About 55-65% of students seek well-furnished accommodation (9-10 square meters). Another alternative to cheap student accommodation in Paris is shared accommodation. A more spacious and comfortable apartment. The most coveted district for student residence is Paris 5, 11, 13, and Paris 15. These districts mark most student housing Paris.  International students mostly prefer the inner Parisian suburbs: the Hauts-de-Seine holds around 11% of student housing search, with Val-de-Marne (8.7%) and Seine-St-Denis (4.9%) following the suit.

Average Student Accommodation Rent?

You can estimate a budget of €777 concerning student accommodation. If you dig deeper, then you should fill your pockets with €823 for (20m2) studio apartment. €1485 for a two-room apartment a month. However, the resident location plays a major role for accommodation in Paris. Rental apartments in Paris would account for €842 including service charge.

Student Guarantors in Paris

Usually, the family is the guarantor. 85% guarantors belong to student family renting a residential space. 3% of sweet and genuine amigos vouch for their other student friend seeking higher education in Paris. Remaining 3% don’t possess any guarantors.

That said; would you like to sojourn in the best-in-class subway system?