CAF Benefits

05.12.2020 05:48:11 AM By support
CAF is a blessing for international students by the French government. It’s a reliable source of financial aid for international students. Students residing in the studio or shared apartments can earn up to €200-180/ month.

This allocated amount depends on the place of residence, the rent you disburse, and your income from two years erst. 
This lead will provide you with guidance to qualify for CAF:

1. Who all are eligible?
  • Presently residing on a rental basis or sharing an apartment
  • No association with the landlord
  • You own a long-term student resident permit
  • At least residing for a period of 8 months in a year (sub-renting is not permissible to qualify for CAF). Housing rental agreement should belong to you.

The CAF policy has been implemented by the French government to aid low-income students, typically earning below €10,000/ year. Even full-time students are taken into consideration, provided you need to highlight your entire income for the two preceding years since.

2. Pre-application process
The entire information in relation to CAF is in the French language on the website. Oh, NO! This is very unfortunate (but there’s always a solution). You can find English translation for the same here: ( 

Other mandatory details:

  • An active bank account information (known as RIB)
  • Your gross income for 2 years erst (tax returns, etc.)
  • Housing rental agreement, including and describing the rent amount, etc.

Note: You can apply for CAF online. You will need to fill in the required information. Transparency and honesty will work in your favor.

3. OFII (French Office of Immigration and Integration)

You cannot qualify for CAF without a valid OFII student Visa. If you fail to possess an OFII on arrival in France, then apply for the same immediately.

Other required documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Birth certificate (attested with certified translation)
  • RIB
  • Documents filled in by the landlord

Recommendation: In our opinion; apply for CAF immediately after securing accommodation. The CAF disbursements will straight away start from the second month of your lease. Don’t stress and tire yourself if you fail to receive payments spontaneously. At times, it consumes a few weeks or months for the application to get through. You will receive the entire year’s payment. In short, a lump sum amount. This is one of the major benefits of studying in France

You won’t receive any aid if you don’t browse the internet. The French government is generous when it comes to student accommodation France.